Technical Info

Technical characteristics

2×2 glass mosaic
Large glass mosaic
Miniature mosaic mix
Stone and glass miniature mosaic
Trasparenze mosaic

Glue spreading

Make sure that the surface to be tiled is relatively flat, free of debris, dirt and dust.
Spread the adhesive evenly with the trowel’s notched edge, combing it out in beaded

Press each individual glass mosaic sheet firmly on the freshly applied adhesive and tap
the sheets into place. The separation between the sheets should be the same as the one
between mosaics.

If adhesive oozes up between the mosaics, clean out the excess before it dries.
Immediately wipe any adhesive from the face of the mosaics with a solvent-soaked
sponge or rag.

All joints should be perfectly clean, no adesive residues, dust free and empty for at least
2/3 of the mosaics thickness.


Adhesives begin to set firmly in 20 to 30 minutes. For grouting, use a grout float at a slight angle and squeegee the grout mortar into the mosaics joints. Use a clean grout float to remove any excess grout from surface. Grout all joints. Allow up to 15 minutes for the grout to set and then proceed to wipe all residues with a sponge using diagonal movements.

Cleaning and finishing

The cleaning and finishing operations of grouting must be carried out when the product is still fresh and as soon as possible, trying not to empty joints and without leaving any stain on the mosaic surface.

Clean the surface with a wet sponge, frequently changing cleaning water, then rinse with a cloth.

In order to avoid damage to the flooring, do not tread on the grouted surface.

First Cleaning

Product: DETERDEK diluted in water 1:5
After cleaning carefully and wetting the surface, spread uniformly the solution 1:5 of DETERDEK. Clean forcefully using a single-disc professional cleaner with green disc or a cleaning brush. (If using a cleaning brush we recommend to rinse often the rag into the cleaning solution). Rinse thoroughly with clean water, using if possible a vacuum drier.

Routine Cleaning

For routine care Fila recommends the use of FILA Cleaner diluted in water 1:200. Does not require rinsing. When diluted min. 1:100 can be used with a floor cleaning-machine.

In case of more stubborn dirt, Fila recommends the use of FILA PS87 diluted 1:10, then rinse.